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The Lake Superior Marine Museum is pleased to present three live webcams streaming from the museum's roof and participate in the operation of other cameras placed strategically around the Duluth Superior Harbor, Two Harbors, and Silver Bay in partnership with Duluth Harbor Cam. 

Through the lens of these cameras, you can enjoy watching large and small boats, wildlife, and incredible scenery all from the comfort of your living room. Boat Watchers worldwide make it a point to check in and observe these little  "Windows to the Northland" every day.

The cameras are supported by the generous donations of viewers like you. You can help ensure the continues operation though a donation any amount to the Camera Fund.     Donate to Camera Fund 


View Lighthouse Cam

The Lighthouse Cam gives a close up view of ships entering and departing the Duluth Shipping Canal as well as a front row seat to storms off the big lake.


View Canal Cam

The Canal Cam present a wonderful view of the Duluth Shipping Canal


View Bridge Cam

The Aerial Lift Bridge Cam offers an incredible sight as boats small and large pass under the towering structure.

View GLA Cam

The Great Lakes Aquarium Cam (GLA) is located on the roof of GLA and observes activity in the inner harbor with a keen eye for activity in front of the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.


View Pier B Cam

Pier B Cam has one of the best views in town and can look straight down the shipping Canal, or deep into the heart of Downtown Duluth.

View Bayfront Cam

Bayfront Cam overlooks Bayfront Park were many activities take place such as the Fourth Fest, Blues Fest and Bentleyville.


View Hillside Cam

Hillside cam gives you a grand overview of the harbor as it often sweeps across the Duluth-Superior Harbor lookin for more boats and weather.


View Harbor Cam

The Harbor Cam takes a wide angle view of the wester side of the harbors as it watches boat and shore activity.


View AMI/Connor's Point Cam

AMI/Connor's Point Cam gives you a view that is seldom seen of the harbor. Located on the AMI Building below the Blatnik Bridge, you can view boats as they carefully maneuver beneath the bridge.


Visit Fairlawn Cam

Fairlawn Cam is located on the turret structure of Fairlawn Mansion in Superior Wisconsin and sits adjacent to Barkers Island. Here you can view all the activities that take place summer and winter.


View Wisconsin Point Cam

Wisconsin Point Cam is located at the end of Wisconsin Point on the canal pier. The isolated area is a pristine wilderness and a great place to visit.


View Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam

The Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam sits on the shore of Agate Bay in Two harbors and is a prime cam to check the weather, large ships and small boats coming and going in the quaint little bay.


View Two Harbors Depot Cam

The Two Harbors Depot Cam has a birds eye view of Agate Bay and can see far out across Lake Superior.


View Silver Bay Cam

Silver Bay Marina is a quiet hideaway on the North Shore of Lake Superior where you can watch storm roar in off the lake.