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Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center invites you to explore the maritime history of our region!

*FREE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC-Programs pending due to Covid-19  
Reservations required. To request a program please call:218.788.6430
To sign up for our monthly special events, please subscribe to HELLOLSMVC@GMAIL.COM

Programs can also be given to school groups, adhering to state standards, on-site or off-site!

*Programs are subject to change.
**Only offered on-site at the Visitor Center.


The Roles of Sailors & the Ships they Sail:
A Ranger-led  Exhibitor Tour 
45 minutes
Each Sailor has a role within the ship that is important to keep it running efficiently. In this program, we will examine the lives of sailors
and the lifestyles they lead.

What really Happened the Night of the
Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald?
45 minutes
Everyone loves to hear about a good shipwreck. Why? The stories behind how it happened! In this program we will break down the top theories of the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck and discuss which was most plausible.

Exploring the Evolution of Vessels:
45 minutes
Travel through the journey of shipping-indoors!
On this tour, rangers will talk about how shipping started, where it is going, and where it is now; with stops along the way!


The Light That Lead the Way Home:
Duluth Lighthouse Guided Walk**
45 minutes
During this walk in front of the Visitor Center,
you will learn about the history of Duluth and Superior's five lighthouses and why some are no longer used.

The Iconic Wrecks that Live in the Lake: Guided Walk**
45 minutes
Right outside of the Museum is a graveyard of wrecks. In this walk, you will explore what ships reside in the lake and what journey lead them there.

Why is Superior, Superior?
Guided Walk**
45 minutes
Lake Superior is the Largest freshwater lake in the world (by surface area), but why is it important to protect? On this short guided walk you will explore what makes Lake Superior significant




Indoor or outdoor

The Stories Behind the Port's Steel Visitors

45 minutes
Like people, ships have various backgrounds and histories. In this program you will be examining the vessels that visit the Twin Ports, their unique designs, owners, and stories.

Where Do Ships Go? Exploring the Bridge, Canal, & Cargoes

When a ship sails underneath the Lift Bridge, do you wonder, "What's it carrying?"
in the program we'll teach you what cargoes are transported in and out of the port, where ships load & unload, and where they come from & head to once they leave the port! 

Yes, Riptides are on Superior, too!
45 minutes
This program will teach you how to be safer when enjoying recreation on water.From riptides, to safe boating, to hypothermia, we've got some insights.

historic tour

Historic Canal Park Attractions Tour - via your cell phone

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center now offers a new tour option using a cell phone. The cell phone tour is an excellent way to explore and learn more about the history of the U.S. Corps of Engineers’ Canal Park. Best of all, the tour can be accessed any time of the day. The cell phone tour highlighted stops include the tug Bayfield, Duluth Ship Canal, Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge, local lighthouses and the shoreline anchor display.  

To access the cell phone tour, just dial 218 213-9069. Callers listen to a short welcome message followed by instructions on how to receive information about each featured attraction. The cell phone tour is free. Cell phone usage rates do apply. Additional tour details are included in a four-page overview:  Cell Phone Tour.