American Integrity entering Duluth

Makinaw Entering Duluth Port

Edwin H. Gott

Photo by Diane Hilden

Photo by Diane Hilden

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FRIDAY, November 4

Keynote Luncheon Speaker - Noon

Mark Barker, President of Interlake Steamship Company

Presented by the Chamber of Marine Commerce


Afternoon Speakers – 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Bruce Lynn, Executive Director, Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Chris Winters, Maritime Photographer and Author


Afternoon Tours/Options                 3 – 5 pm

Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center

Superior Public Museums Special Tour

UW-Superior Jim Dan Hill Library

Great Lakes Aquarium


Evening Event 6 – 8 pm

Opening Evening Gala and Dinner at the DECC - Lake Superior Ballroom


SATURDAY, November 5                                                                           

Keynote Morning Speaker 9:00 am

Frederick Stonehouse, Maritime Expert, Author and Historian


Keynote Luncheon Speaker 12:00 pm

Dr. James P. Delgado, Ph.D., Director of Maritime Heritage,

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Sanctuaries  


Event Speakers 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Michael Schumacher, Author an Historian

Terry Pepper, Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Ric Mixter, Producer, Lecturer and Author

Bob Furman, Executive Director, Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center

Jerry Sandvick, Professor Emeritus, Author and Historian

Rochelle Pennington, Author, Speaker, Newspaper Columnist

LCDR Charter B. Tschirgi, Commanding Officer, USCG Cutter Alder


Other Options 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Exhibit Hall - featuring book signings, displays of maritime items, Cruise of a Lifetime raffle tickets and much more!

Silent Auction of unique maritime artifacts * Boat Tours * Fleet Flags on display 


 Lake Superior
 Maritime Visitor



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  Thursday - Sunday
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